ORBTR works best with WordPress version 3.5+.

ORBTR functions completely independently from the theme, all we require is that your theme files include the  and  calls in the appropriate locations. This will be standard in most any professionally written theme. If your site runs the Thesis theme framework, you should read this post.

Some themes (either off the shelf or through modifications) don’t load styles conventionally. Rather than loading styles using ” type=”text/css” media=”screen” />, some do it by way of the wp_head tag, which is meant to be used by plugins to insert their code and styles into the templates.  When themes insert styles through the wp_head tag, they can forcing our landing page to break. 

Landing Page Compatability Settings, first introduced in ORBTR version 2.6.1, corrects this issue and allows you to shut off any scripts that are causing issues on landing pages WITHOUT impacting the rest of your site.