You can turn any link into an ORBTR trackable link by adding a simple query string to the end.

There are 4 data points you can pass to ORBTR using links:

oemail (email address)

fName (first name)

lName (last name)

ocompany (company name)

So if you wanted to create a link from a MailChimp camapign that would add a lead to ORBTR based on their email address, you would add ?oemail=*|EMAIL|* to the end of your link, where *|EMAIL|* is MailChimp's merge tag for email address. So the final link would be*|EMAIL|*

If you wanted to create a lead including data for first name, last name and email, you would add ?oemail=*|EMAIL|*&fName=*|FNAME|*&lName=*|LNAME|* where *|EMAIL|*, *|FNAME|* and *|LNAME|* are the corresponding MailChimp merge tags. So the final link would be*|EMAIL|*&fName=*|FNAME|*&lName=*|LNAME|*

If you don't use MailChimp, you can simply replace the *|EMAIL|*, *|FNAME|* and *|LNAME|* tags with the merge tags your email system uses.